NGONAMA is a revolutionary initiative of Digital Empowerment Foundation. As part of its commitment to sustainable efforts of social and digital upliftment activities, Digital Empowerment Foundation aims to provide a platform to participate and share the knowledge, skills, experiences and good governance across the civil society sector.

The platform is designed to bring together NGOs, volunteers, Individuals and government and corporate foundations at the same platform to engage with each other. NGONAMA is a platform for NGOs to connect, discover, engage, learn and share through communicating with other NGOs across boundaries through openness.

The central idea of NGONAMA is to build an interactive platform for NGOs to collaborate amongst themselves through personal outreach.

The online portal will provides a channel to people who are interested in contributing in social activities through their participation and expertise.  NGONAMA provides NGOs with a platform to interact with a global community and participate in various decision-making and programs leading to a be a better world, a world of economic and social justice.