Compared to seeking funds from corporates (CSR funding) which involves procedures and preparations, setting a crowdfunding campaign is easy. You don’t require a huge investment to get your crowdfunding campaign going.
Just analyzing the right project and demands of the non-profit organisation, choosing the right platform is a feasible method of raising funds in the world of digital explosion.

While there’s still a need for something that’s important for the long-term, like a sustainable fundraising grant and plan, it’s extremely refreshing to only have to make your presentation and pitch just once.
Crowdfunding is also great for both the organisation and funders to discover each other. Instead of relying on traditional methods and fundraising options, crowdfunding provides a
convenient and exciting way of obtaining quick funds for campaigns and extra help for projects. Validates a Concept
Having an idea to create an impact is one thing. Proving that the idea can create a change,
impact in the development sector is another. Whether you need to convince yourself or funders,
crowdfunding provides a great opportunity to see what projects do funders want to donate
to.The validation of the concept happens here.
If you launch a successful crowdfunding campaign, it not only proves that there’s an interest in
your idea, it also shows that people are willing to spend money on it. That’s a rather effective
way in validating your concept.

Widen your Network of Supporters.
Besides introducing a product or service, crowdfunding provides a chance to spread your message
and goals to a wide audience.
As you share your campaign across multiple social media channels, you’ll also spend time
engaging with supporters, who will become loyal volunteers and funders who will share your
work with their connections.
Having your fundraiser online helps you spread the word about your campaign to your social
network easily. It’s also easy for your network to share your campaign page with their social
network as well. This multiplies the awareness about your campaign and helps you get volunteers
for various tasks in your organisation.
Reach out to Masses
Let’s also say that your campaign gets some traction. Publications love success stories. You
have just secured some free PR. It doesn’t matter if it’s a local news station or newspaper or
leading industry blog — that sort of coverage is an excellent way to spread brand awareness
and attract supporters who previously weren’t aware of your work.

Author: Digital Empowerment Foundation
Category: NEWS
Date: October 23, 2015

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