Innovation for Social Good- Roll to reduce Load!

Narmada lives in a village, about 12 hour train ride from Mumbai. Beside doing all the household chores, she heads out to collect water from the nearby well. She sometimes has to take 6 trips in a day to draw water from the well. At a time, she can carry only two matkas on her head. She feels the load on her shoulders and neck.
A few months ago she heard about a new product that would help to reduce the burden of water collection.

The ‘waterwheel’ by Wello eases the burden by storing water in a container which could easy by rolled.

Waterwheel not only reduces the burden of carrying water but also saves time, improves efficiency and health.
After using waterwheel, Narmada can dedicate her time for her children and serves better as a nurse at a nearby community centre.

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You can visit wello at:

Author: Digital Empowerment Foundation
Category: DEF, NEWS
Date: February 24, 2016

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