Saving the Lives from TB
Mrs Narda Devi living in Bujurga, Ghazipur district was suffering from cough since last 05 years she habitually take medicine of cough by untrained Rural Health care Provider but her physical condition was not being good. Because of this weakness and sickness she was very frustrated and her livelihood was also being challenged and near to end. She has 05 dependents her husband is now feeling lonely and being harassed to make expenses for her health.

One day someone suggest her to go to DMC and check her sputum she went and she found Sputum 1+ Positive and started the II category treatment on 7.2.2011 , TB No-191by RNTCP. She take medicine daily but in mean time often, miss doses and as we saw at her Identity card on dated 2.05.2012 the RNTCP Program claim her that she is Cured. But after some time she again get affected from cough and now her life is going very difficult in mean time Safe Society trained 30 RHCP about the symptom and treatment of tuberculosis in Ghazipur district.

In this difficulties she went to One of our trained RHCP Mr Brijraj Verma he again refer her to DMC for sputum test, she went and again found 2+ positive RNTCP start the I category medicine on dated 13.09.2013. Our RHCP was first time trained so can’t counselled her about her history but after some time during the field visit of Dr Vishnu and Dr. Archna , THE UNION and Vaibhav Sharma, Safe Society , our RHCP put this suspicious point before them they suggest her for Culture test and advice to Safe Supervisor to do it very quick . After this RNTCP sent her sputum for culture she found Drug Resistant TB ad start the treatment on 19.11.2013 now she is fit and taking the medicines timely.
Now she is feeling very good Dr. Archana visit her on 30.03.2015 and talk her about her health she was very happy and her family was also being thankful to Dr. Archana and all.

Author: Vaibhav Sharma
Category: NEWS
Date: August 12, 2015

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