Use popular and trending hashtags to raise awareness for
your campaign.
Always include your campaign link whenever you tweet
about it.
Ask for retweets to help spread the word.
Tweet to people (even those you don’t know) who might
have a special interest in the subject of your campaign.
Gain followers by following others and actively engaging
Be careful not to tweet too much — nobody likes spam.
Make sure your teammates also tweet to their followers
about the campaign.

Tell people about your perks — be specific.
Use both a personal and a campaign-specific profile to
send regular campaign updates.
Always include a link to your campaign whenever you write
about it on Facebook.
Ask people for feedback and engage them with questions.
People are more likely to “Like” and “Share” media, not
just text.
Use pictures and videos to show your perks, campaign
sneak peeks, and more.
Tell people about your perks — be specific.
Take pictures documenting your campaign journey.
Take pictures of events relating to your project.
Follow others on Instagram who might be interested in
your project or who work in its industry.
Tag words that relate to your project.
Tag your pictures with a link to your campaign.
Use photos to show your perks, campaign sneak peeks,
and more.

Author: Digital Empowerment Foundation
Category: NEWS
Date: October 23, 2015

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