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Innovation for Social Good- Shout out to ‘WaterWalla’ for providing clean water in Dharavi,Mumbai

On the west coast of the city of dreams lies one of the largest slums of Asia with a population of 12,00,000(estimated) people. Dharavi is a large illegal squatter settlement where shanties are built over water pipes and uncovered sewages. All that a slumdweller can manage is a trampoline roof over their heads. The monsoon at the slum is even worse. During that time thousands get affected by drinking arsenic-contaminated water.
To curb the problem of ‘drinking-contaminated water’ and improve the lives of people, Waterwalla has developed an innovative, innovative, low-cost water filter that mitigates arsenic and bacteria by affixing directly to handpumps, the primary source of water supply in villages. Their mission is to improve access to clean water for underserved communities worldwide through engagement, education and innovation. Waterwalla is collaborating with local entrepreneurs to introduce other affordable water purification technologies for the public.
Today, the WaterWalla team is busy working to promote its model across India, and has even expanded to Sierra Leone in West Africa. It also launched a fellowship programme to support other start-ups in clean water.

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Author: Digital Empowerment Foundation
Category: DEF, NEWS
Date: February 25, 2016